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Holy Trinity Christian Church Holy Trinity Christian Church

Mission & Vision Mission & Vision


The mission of the Holy Trinity Christian  Church Women’s A.C.T.S. (Actively Caring Through Serving) Ministry is to nurture, educate, encourage and equip women to be in service to others in our home, church and community.  We are God’s hands and mouth piece, so it is only befitting that we, as women of God will allow ourselves to be used of God through various acts of service to others by specifically standing in the gap for all those who are in need.



As we study the Word of God we will:

  • fully understand from the Scriptures how we are to serve God;

  • develop fresh approaches to God-pleasing ministries for women; and

  • model personal study of the Bible so that the Gospel may be boldly proclaimed in our lives.

When operating in the spiritual gifts that God has given, women evolve as strong, powerful and effective vessels of God.  Untapped talents will be surfaced; but most importantly, as we actively seek ways to make a difference in people’s lives for the up-building of the Kingdom, and begin to move and operate in the assignment God has given us, we realize that the task AHEAD of us is not as big as the power BEHIND us!