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Holy Trinity Christian Church
Women's A.C.T.S. Ministry

HTCC Women's Ministry

HTCC Women’s Ministry offers encouragement through the Word of God to the women of HTCC and our community. The Women’s Ministry exists to teach women to grow in faith with love and understanding through biblical principles. They also develop relationships with other women and have the common goal of sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ.

-Each year, the Women’s Ministry holds events, including the Annual Women’s Day Brunch.

-All women and young women are invited to participate in the HTCC Women’s Ministry.

We've enjoyed a seven week interactive bible study entitled "Conversation Peace."  Experiencing transformation in our daily speech can only come through the power of God; then and only then will you receive the true peace of God.  We are challenged daily in every area of our lives, but the question we must ask ourselves is "Do you want to experience the power of transformed speech?"  If we answer yes, then we must be prepared to make some serious changes in how we communicate with others.
Our journey through this magnificent study covered a mirage of meaningful topics such as:
 The Power of Navigation -- Our tongues determine the direction of our lives.
 The Power of Cause and Effect -- Problems with the mouth originate in the heart.
 The Power of Exchange -- Fruitful speech requires exchanging bad habits for good.
 The Power of the Open Gate -- Humility opens the door to effective communication.
 The Power of Construction -- Hearts connect when words build tracks of love.
 The Power of Instruction -- Speech transformation is a life long process
 The Power of Return -- Our words will reap a spiritual harvest..

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